Your guide to the Wizard's Museum

Wizard’s Museum is a new board game from Flatland Games. It is a quick-to-play game of tile placement and set collecting for two to five players. During the course of a game, players take on the role of wizards in competition with one another as they try to build the best and most well-ordered museum of magical artifacts, all while sabotaging the efforts of their friends and colleagues.

Players manage a hand of tiles, drawing and playing a single tile each turn across their own and their opponents collections. Each tile features a magical artifact in its center and four magical gates on its edges. Tiles are played to match the edges of their neighbors, but points are won and lost by matching — or failing to match — artifacts. Will you add to your museum or disrupt your neighbors?

The game is available for online purchase here and at select retail locations.

The packaging and play tiles for Wizard's Museum Construction Kit, the new board game from Flatland Games

Wizard’s Museum is the first game from designer John Cocking, and the first release from Flatland Games. John began work on the game in 2009. Flatland Games is an independent gaming company located in Greensboro, NC.