Your guide to the Wizard's Museum

Flatland Games, llc. is a small board game company hoping to help more people enjoy more time with their family and friends around the table. You’ll enjoy our zero-preparation role-playing game, Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures.

Design – John Cocking

John Cocking is an inveterate nerd who has written computer strategy guides, translated a genealogical romance, and written software to run SQL queries against XML data. He enjoys thinking that this is interesting, long days of board games, and Lori’s company.

Editorial Whip – Peter S. Williams

Peter is a terse Latin Teacher with a history of role playing. He has a particular style of play for Wizard’s Museum Construction Kit.

Graphical Whip – Jesse Wolf

Jesse Wolf is an enigma wrapped in a graphic designer. Master of fabric and son of a soil scientist, he is the great strategist of the group.

Loremaster – Dabney C. Loving, Jr.

Dabney C. Loving, Jr. is a game design student at UAT pursuing writing, narrative design, and victory at any cost. His three-year-old can already beat John at most video games.

ArtShaun Patterson

Shaun was born and raised in Southern Ontario and now calls Prince Edward Island home. He is currently working as an artist in the video games industry, as an illustrator and MBA student.  Visit him at


With a little help from:
Nandeck – software for game inventors
Designshard – produced the paper texture for our encyclopedia entries