Your guide to the Wizard's Museum

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Can I rotate my piece to make it fit?
    Indeed, we’re counting on it. Finding just the right arrangement of artifact tiles is delicate enough without worrying about which direction is up! Museum curators, like most wizards, are far too interested in the arrangement of their magical gates to bother with such details as gravity or, really, the rest of physics.
  2. A game of Wizard's Museum Construction Kit in progress. The players here are jockeying for position. You'll see that the player on the left has made a museum of eight tiles' height by staggering the lines of tiles used.If there can never be more than 6 connected tiles in a straight line, does that mean my museum will be a six-by-six box?
    Not if you’re clever about it. Build off to the side of your long line of pieces, and then keep going. Your museum’s corridors can be as twisty as you like. Take a look at the image to the right (click to enlarge it) and you’ll see that the player on the left has made a museum of eight tiles’ height by staggering the lines of tiles used.
  3. What if there’s no more room on the table?
    If there’s no more room on the table, then there’s no more room for your museum. Part of the fun of building a museum, in reality, as in the game, is fitting the best possible arrangement of collections into the available space. In fact, we often use the limitations of our play space as an added way to show off our skills: knowing when to extend your own museum to block your opponents’ expansion shows a degree of subtlety worthy of a wizard.
  4. What’s up with the two-player scoring?
    The two-player game changes the odds of keeping unwanted artifacts out of your museum. Through the careful research of the sages and playtesters, we discovered that a slightly greater reward for a large collection changed how our clever collectors handled the artifacts.
  5. Why aren’t diagonally-adjacent tiles worth anything for scoring?
    The magic of the connecting gates is what powers the scoring, as well as the museums, so only properly-connected artifact tiles can be scored.
  6. Are players allowed to make deals?
    It certainly isn’t forbidden, but this is very much a decision for your group of players. Sometimes, deals can make 3 player games feel a bit unfair. You’ll often find, in 5 player games, that everyone will help keep an eye on who’s getting away without which types of artifact tiles.
  7. Why don’t I have a higher score?
    First of all, keep an eye on the other players’ museums. You may need to make some strategic donations to keep them in line. Second of all, don’t worry: we have Friendly Scoring rules that keep you from losing points from orphaned artifact tiles. Third of all, don’t worry: everyone’s luck changes.
  8. What’s in the box?
    Don’t look in the box! Or, if you’d like to, have a look inside the game box.